TZI - product -NRC

UltraRepair Cream

Night repair cream - 20g

A gentle formulation that exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin, and repair the signs of aging using natural substances to boost skin collagen and increase skin turnover, revealing younger and more radiant skin


TZI - product - SG

Sunblock Gel

Sunblock Gel - 20g

The lightest SPF 30  sunblock you'll ever have! A water based and comedogenic formulation that doesn't clog your pores.

Best for everyday use.


TZI - product -AC

UltraClear Cream

Acne Cream - 20g

Uses the blemish fighting powers of benzoyl peroxide to clear out acne. This formulation decreases antibiotic resistance of bacteria that causes acne, helps dry up pimples overnight by rapid decrease in swelling and redness


TZI - product -65-ACNE CARE KIT

UltraWhite Cream

Whitening cream with AHA - 20g

Say goodbye to melasma, sun spots, and dark marks! Thanks to the powerful formulation of UltraWhite with AHA, it stop the production of melanin, the main cause of unsightly pigmentation of the skin.


TZI - product -65-ACNE CARE KIT

UltraBlock Sunblock Lotion

Sunblock Lotion 120ml

Blocks harmful UV rays using both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, while moisturizing the skin with all natural vitamin e and aloe vera extracts.

Best for sensitive, and oily skin.


TZI - product -10

UltraCleanse Oatmeal Soap

Oatmeal Soap Bar - 100g

An all natural moisturizing and cleansing soap for sensitive skin. Relieves skin irritations and rashes, provides soothing protection for inflamed skin.


TZI - product - TTS

UltraClear Tea Tree Soap

Tea Tree Soap Bar - 100g

An all-natural anti-bacterial soap cleanser that prevents the outbreaks of acne and minor skin irritations. Provides skin protection from infections and odor causing bacteria.


TZI - product -GS

UltraWhite Whitening Soap

Whitening Bar Soap - 100g

Whitens and rejuvenates the skin by relaxing melatonin, or skin pigment production.


TZI - product -wS

UltraClear Glycolic Soap

Glycolic Bar Soap - 100g

All-natural skin care soap from sugar canes for exfoliating dead skin cells, refine pores and smoothen out fine lines and wrinkles. Prevents acne formation.


TZI - product -15

UltraClear Toner

Acne Topical Solution - 120ml

Reduces acne with the clearing powers of clindamycin. Cleans pore openings.

For sensitive skin.


TZI - product -15

UltraWhite Toner

Acne Topical Solution with Bleach - 120ml

Reduces acne with the clearing powers of Clindamycin. Cleans pores while making skin fair and blooming.


TZI - product - CL

Clarifying Lotion

Toner - 120ml

This formulation gently removes impurities, excess oil and dirt of the skin. Best used for cleansing before applying moisturizers.


TZI - product - ATSPM

UltraClear Toner with Pore Minimizer

Acne Topical Solution with Pore Minimizer - 120ml

Reduces acne with the clearing powers of clindamycin. Cleans and minimizes pore openings while making skin fair and blooming.


TZI - product - RSS

RSS Lotion

Lotion - 120ml

A combination of resorcinol and sulfur to dry up pimples fast, and acts as a keratolytic to break down and exfoliate dead skin to decrease clogging of pores, improve skin tone and reveal clear blemish free skin. It also has antiseptic properties and help fight the bacteria that causes pimples.

TZI - product - SKM

SKM Hypolotion

SKM Hypolotion - 120ml

A gentle non-greasy lotion that keeps the skin well hydrated without clogging the pores. It has as an anti-inflammatory agent that keeps redness or rashes at bay, good for extra sensitive skin.