Zen Balanze


Aging & Hormones

With aging, the levels of Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone and thyroid hormone levels drop. These hormones are key to maintaing vital body functions and they play a major role in maintaining a good metabolic rate. We aim to replenish these stores to bring back the youthfulness from inside out

Zen Balanze Procedure

This program starts with the cleansing of our bodies by nourishing each cell with micronutrients minerals and electrolytes coupled with antioxidants to boost the immune system. Free radicals that build up in the body from toxins that we ingest or are exposed to, lead to premature cellular aging.  Antioxidants work by binding to and flushing out these free radicals to promote cellular regeneration from within.  Weekly infusions of these cocktails is recommended and they type will depend on the individual's needs. When each of our cells are well prepared and nourished, the response to hormone replacement will be at optimum levels.

Combined with other treatments such as colonics (for a cleansed and healthy large intestines) non-invasive treatments such as Ultralift, Ultraslim tight and Resolift (promote lymphatic drainage and better circulation) are included to ensure that the program provides a complete and effective detoxification, regeneration and anti-aging measures.


Replacing the needed hormones alleviate symptoms of menopause and andropause such as hot flushes, skin dryness, sluggish feelings, sleep and mood disturbances, and slow metabolism. These benefits can lead to improved sleep, better skin and hair, decreased bone resorption or osteoporosis, improved sexual relations, better immune function, among others. This reversal of symptoms of aging not just boosts overall self-confidence but primarily provide a better quality of life.


Introductory Price

PHP 25,000

Rate Inclusive of all applicable taxes.

Program Package Inclusions

  1. 1 (One) Longevity Test
  2. 1 (One) Holistic Body Screening
  3. 1 (One) Glutathione Drip (Liver Detox)
  4. 2 (Two) Resolift.
  5. 2 (Two) Ultra Lipo
  6. 1 (One) Colon Hydrotherapy
  7. 1 (One) Thyroid Pill