Weight Management


Weight Management vs. Weight Loss

“MJ’ My Journey approach to weight management varies depending on the needs and lifestyle of the patient and we provide tailor-fit programs to suit their personalities. Looking at weight loss as an "end-goal" is never effective as we end up gaining back the pounds lost once we go back to our old routines. The best approach is to view it as a journey with a safe and healthy program with proper guidance from our team of experts.


The program starts with a diagnostic phase where all possibilities of why a person is not in his desired physique is taken into consideration- be it metabolic, biologic, lifestyle issues or as a result of the natural aging process where our body’s metabolism slows down, we address the root cause promptly.


Weight Management Program start with the detoxification phase, by providing anti oxidants to remove the toxin build up that further hinders the metabolic processes of our body.

Nutrition Plan

A proper diet is recommended and based on what the patient is willing to do, they are given the program that best suits their lifestyle.

Exercise Program

For those who are willing to exercise
For those willing to or are currently engaged in a fitness regimen or exercise, a cocktail of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, with fat burning compounds is infused to maximize the results of the physical activity.

Ha2CG Diet

For those too busy to exercise
While for those with a busy schedule, and cannot afford to make time for the gym, a hormonal treatment that would help shed weight effectively is prescribed by our physicians. Ha2CG supplementation can promise as much as 1 pound per day if the diet is followed correctly. The action of this hormone is to liberate energy from unwanted fatty stores, boost the metabolism and help with elimination of toxins from the body.


With aging, normal decline in metabolic rate is expected. We do not lose as much as we would when we were younger. Supplementation with BBX not just boosts the metabolism but also serves an important role in maintaining the levels of the hormone cortisol in the body. Cortisol is the stress substance secreted by the adrenal glands and a high level of this hormone causes hunger-pangs and fat accumulation. The natural compounds in this pill such as white kidney bean extract, green tea extract, ALA, CLA, and garcinia help suppress the appetite, maintain the balance of blood sugar levels, and prevent absorption of too much fat from the diet. Wheat germ extracts also facilitate elimination of accumulated toxins in the body.

Body Contour

But the journey does not end with weight loss. Non-invasive machine treatments and micro injection of Mesolipo to melt unwanted fat are included to ensure that the contour is achieved and the skin's elasticity is maintained. We aim for a healthy weight loss and at the same time developing a tight and contoured body.


Introductory Price

PHP 25,000

Rate inclusive of all applicable taxes

Program Package Inclusions

  1. 1 (One) Longevity Test
  2. 1 (One) Holistic Body Screening
  3. 3 (Three) L-Carnetine
  4. 4 (Four) Resolift.
  5. 4 (Four) Ultra Slim Tight
  6. 1 (One) Colon Hydrotherapy
  7. 1 (One) Almased - 30 days Meal Replacement)