Zen Cleanze


Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress is the result of too much free radical accumulation in the body that natural antioxidants produced is not enough to counteract or detoxify its harmful effects. This results to premature cell aging which eventually leads to cell death.

This is the reason why detoxification programs are very popular nowadays. It is the key to avoid major diseases that can cause permanent debilitation.


1. Intravenous

We begin by infusing the body with a cocktail that not just cleanses the liver, but also supplies the antioxidants that help battle oxidative stress. We know that the major organ that produces our own glutathione is the liver, and ensuring a healthy and well-functioning liver is key to producing adequate amounts of antioxidants in the body.

2. Sublingual

The sublingual regimen is composed of :

2A. Detox I

support the liver/hepatic and gastrointestinal systems

2B. Detox II

designed to support and optimize the kidneys in the purification of blood by removing toxins eliminating them through the urinary system

2C. Detox III

to cleanse, support and optimize the lymphoid system

2D. Cerebromax

optimize brain function to ensure effective detox

2E. Spinalmax

to support the spine and signaling pathways for the central and peripheral nervous system

2F. Matrix Support

designed to promote balance in the “forming” and “un-forming” cycles of the matrix where the transfer of toxins to bloodstream happens, and to optimize its function.

3. Colonics Hydrotherapy

Colonics Hydrotherapy is a safe and effective method to hydrate and cleanse the large intestine (the colon) of waste materials by gentle infusion of 25 litres of warm purified water through a tube into and out of the rectum with the use of disposable speculums and state of the art Colon Hydrotherapy Instruments.

This cleans out toxic waste materials that have long been stuck in the colon, thereby preventing toxin build up lessening the risk of tumor formation and cancer. This not just benefits the gastrointestinal tract as a toxin free body presents with beautiful glowing skin.

4. Meal Replacement

Almased is a meal replacement plan packed with the needed fiber and nutrients not just intended or diet purposes but also for cleansing our digestive tract. It is full of enzymes our body needs to restart or boost our metabolism.


Introductory Price

PHP 25,000

Program Package Inclusions

  1. 1 (One) Longevity Test
  2. 1 (One) Holistic Body Screening
  3. 1 (One) Detox Set - Good for 30 days
  4. 1 (One) Colon Hydrotherapy
  5. 1 (One) Almased - 30 days Meal Replacement

Colon Cleanze

Release the toxins from your body and re-enter the world recharged, feeling lighter, and glowing.

Urban Cleanse is specifically designed for those that live a busy city life. This package detoxifies your system while replenishing the body with nutrients


Introductory Price

PHP 5,600/session

Minimum of 5 sessions

PHP 10,000

Single session

Rate inclusive of all applicable taxes

Program Package Inclusions

  1. Health assessment
  2. Welcome drink
  3. 1x Abdominal massage
  4. 1 x Colon hydrotherapy
  5. 1 x Body sculpting treatment
  6. Herbal tea and supplements to maintain optimal nourishment throughout the cleanse

Urban Retreat
A Day of Wellness

A  Day of Wellness  is an urban retreat from your daily duties and worries.  It offers a one day immersion program which includes health screening, fitness assessment, detoxification, relaxing treatments and nourishing food that will leave you rejuvenated with a new perspective on health.

For just one day, invest in yourself and start living healthier and feeling better.

SAVE 40%!

PHP 15,000.00

Rate inclusive of all applicable taxes

Program Package Inclusions

  1. Welcome drink
  2. Health consultation and program orientation
  3. Medical screening (longevity test and holistic body screening)
  4. Fitness assessment and introduction to functional fitness
  5. 1x Deep cleansing facial
  6. 1x Abdominal massage
  7. 1 x Colon hydrotherapy
  8. 1 x Body sculpting treatment
  9. Nourishing lunch and afternoon tea with healthy snack
  10. 1 x Full body massage therapy
  11. Follow-up consultation and interpretation of medical screening
  12. Departure gift