Dr. Mary Jane Torres

Aesthetic Medicine
International Society of Mesotherapy
French Society of Mesotherapy

Behind the team of competent doctors of The Zen Institute is its owner and head doctor, Dr. Mary Jane “MJ” Torres. Dr. MJ is a graduate of the University of Santo Tomas, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. She took up postgraduate internship at St. Luke’s Hospital and underwent trainings with the country’s leading dermatologists and surgeons. She is part of the teaching group based in Thailand conducting workshops and trainings on aesthetic medicine for Asian Doctors. Dr. MJ had her training on Botox in Istanbul, Turkey and lipotherapy training in Athens, Greece.Dr. MJ is also a member of the International Society of Mesotherapy, the French Society of Mesotherapy, and the Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery.

In the Philippines, she pioneered the latest technology in body sculpting called Resonax which is one of the first in Asia and Europe. She specializes in Lipotherapy, Non-Surgical Facial Contouring and Body Sculpting. A hardcore believer of non-invasive surgery and well-respected in the medical field, Dr. MJ promotes a lifestyle of wellness to her clients through personal coaching.

Our Philosophy

The Zen Institute’s guiding philosophy is simple – from our inner peace comes true beauty. With the harmonious combination of medical science, creativity and aesthetic sense, we pursue holistic health which in turn manifests itself in true beauty. In truth, the Zen Institute envisions the pursuit of true beauty as a journey rather than a destination. A crafting of a masterpiece, stroke by deliberate stroke rather than a deadline to be met.

Hence, we do away with the pressures that necessitate the use of invasive and potentially traumatic shortcuts. Through this careful, yet solidly paved path, we can ensure longer-lasting beauty that has been perfected from within.

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